The Marriage of Classic and Modern Filmmaking with Our Rehoused Iconic Super 35 Lenses!

As ARRI unveiled its new groundbreaking ALEXA 35 digital camera, the demand for rehousing some of the most beloved Super 35 lenses is on the rise. At Whitepoint Optics, we’ve taken the initiative to bring these legendary lenses into the modern era with a focus on durability and performance.

Our specialty lies in rehousing the Zeiss Super Speed lens family, spanning from the original B Speed to the Zeiss Super Speed Mark II and Mark III. These iconic lenses have long been revered for their unique characteristics, and they are now ready to shine brighter than ever.

Key Features of Our Rehoused Zeiss B Speeds:
– Preserving Classic Charm: The Zeiss B Speeds are known for their distinctive triangular bokeh and exceptional speed. When rehousing these classics, we’ve retained their unique and timeless look, ensuring that your projects maintain that vintage cinematic magic.

– Choice of Iris Shape: With our rehoused Zeiss B Speeds, you have the flexibility to choose between keeping the original triangular iris, which yields that signature bokeh, or switching to a more modern, round shape iris to suit your creative vision.

– Modern and Robust Design: We understand the importance of modernizing these iconic lenses without sacrificing their character. Our rehoused Zeiss Super Speeds feature robust construction in 95mm Frame size.

– Compact and Lightweight: The original lenses are renowned for their compact and lightweight design. We’ve preserved these qualities while enhancing their performance, making them easy to handle, perfect for handheld and gimbal work.


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