Carl Zeiss Jena is a branch of the legendary Carl Zeiss Company. The brand was established after World War II when Jena remained on the side of East Germany and the well-known Zeiss brand wanted to be used in West Germany as well.

The company manufactured a wide range of optics: from camera lenses to microscopes, industrial optics and optical equipment for the military.

Frame types varied over the years: older frames were chromed. The latest classic Carl Zeiss Jena lenses were produced with aluminum bodies, with red or green markings.

Optically, the quality of Jena lenses was excellent. Mechanically, it has been said that the quality varied more.

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We currently rehouse the following lenses:

Rehoused Carl Zeiss Jena Gallery

• Stainless steel PL mount
• Zero image shifting
• Cam Form Focus drive optimized for modern motors
• Unique robust aluminium construction
• Easy to collimate with shims
• 280-300 degree rotation
• Standard 110mm and 95mm front diameter
• Easy to service

• New round iris
• LPL, EF and E mounts
• Personalised engarvings
• High visible UV markings

Frequently Asked Questions about Lens Rehousing

Shipping lenses

Shipping instructions inside EU:

Remember to package lenses carefully.  A good way is to use individual small boxes for each lens with filler and put all individual boxes within a big box full of soft filler to protect from any hits.  In any case, just protect them well. Please include the details of our office manager when shipping: Attn: Marika Kahra +358 40 5866770

These details need to be on the side of the package with the address!

Address: Whitepoint Optics Sturenkatu 21 00510, Helsinki, Finland

Note: Entrance via Teollisuuskatu

Outside EU:

For customs, remember to write in the export documents that you are sending cine lenses with the serial number xxxx for a temporary repair, to be returned to you after completion. Include a proforma invoice to state the value of the lenses and we can ship them back after the work is done using the same proforma value.

Please also indicate the number of lenses (with individual values) We claim lenses into the country using temporary inward processing. (meaning to be returned to the owner after maintenance is over). Important information to include to the package *Cine lenses for maintenance/repair *Serial numbers included *You indicate the value of the content with a proforma invoice

*Please add the phone & e-mail of Office Manager Marika to the package/ address card.

What does lens rehousing mean?

In lens rehousing, the client sends lenses to us for conversion. After conversion, the lenses can be used in cinematography and are compatible with modern cine accessories. In a typical case, the converted lenses are originally still camera optics, but we also rehouse vintage film lenses to be used with modern cinema equipment.

The client is responsible for the quality of the optical components. The client also takes care of postage fees, when sending lenses to us.

How long lens rehousing process takes?

Our current delivery estimate for the lenses in our range is 14 months. If a lens that is not part of our program is agreed upon, this will become its own special project, the time estimate of which will be agreed separately. The delivery time varies depending on the order backlog and the lens set you are interested in – contact us and ask for the current delivery time!

What about your payment terms?

Payment terms are as follows:

  • 50% of Grand Total to be paid as a deposit payment. 25% of Grand Total is non-refundable.
  • Another 50% of Grand Total is to be paid on delivery. To start the delivery process, payments need to be 100% made.
  • The conversion process begins once the first payment is received. WPO will be in contact during the conversion process with the estimated delivery time.
  • Lenses are sent to the client after the second payment is 100% paid.
  • All shipping costs at customers’ expense.

I'd like to get at least some of the lenses as quickly as possible. Do you deliver the lens set in one batch, or can you deliver it in smaller batches?

We can either deliver the whole batch or in smaller batches. Just let us know what the priority is and we can send lenses out as soon as they are finished. No need to wait for the whole set.

Do you source lenses for clients?

Unfortunately, we cannot source lenses for clients.

What is the process for placing an order?

For a quote, please send us a message and we will get back to you with an offer. The conversion process begins once the first payment (50%) is received.

What are the shipping and custom fees for the lenses?

Unfortunately, we do not have a way of estimating shipping/import duties in advance. Once we know the size of the package, we can get an estimate of delivery charges. Duties are usually reasonable.

When shipping from outside of the EU:
In order to avoid extra duties, we are using shipping for a temporary repair.

  • It is important to clearly indicate in the export documents that a customer is sending cine lenses with the serial number xxxx for a temporary repair, to be returned after completion.
  • Included must be a proforma invoice to state the value of the lenses. This way we can ship lenses back after the work is done using the same proforma value.
  • When we receive lenses here, we claim them into the country as temporary inward processing (meaning to be returned to the owner after maintenance is over).

It is important you have clearly stated the value of the content when shipping using a proforma document. We will return the lenses using the same proforma value you indicate.

Do the lenses rehoused by WPO have a warranty?

Whitepoint Optics guarantees a 12 months warranty for rehoused lenses. Warranty does not cover misuse of goods, or using goods in a manner for which they are not intended. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or careless use of the goods.

We shall remedy defects if the warranty claim is valid and within the warranty period. It is at our decision whether we remedy the defect by repair or replacement.

We are however happy help if an impact etc. happens. Please get in touch. In these cases, our hourly rate is 100 €/h (+ the cost of parts that need replacing).

I have a lens that is not listed on the Whitepoint Optics website. Can WPO rehouse it?

Possibly! Please get in touch and we will see how we can help you with your request.

Can I get custom finishes and colors for my lenses? At what price?

We do offer the possibility for personalized engravings and a range of colors for a stylish finish. We also offer dual high visible UV markings on request.
Ask also for enhanced close focus.

Engravings prices

Customized engravings: Design setup fee 1000€ + 200€/lens

  • Personalised logo
  • Lens details text
  • Special color on engravings (max. 2 colors from our color chart)


Cap engravings: 500€/set

We can also engrave other logos on request, but we can’t take any legal responsibility for using trademarked material.

Do you engrave metric or imperial focus scales to the lenses?

We are able to engrave both in metric and imperial scales – it’s your choice. We can engrave additional scales also (for additional cost).

Do you offer discounts for ordering sets of lenses?

For bulk/set discounts, please get in touch. We are here to help!

Do you rehouse individual lenses?

Due to shipping costs, rehousing a single lens is usually not very cost-effective. That is why we rehouse mostly whole lens sets. However, there are no technical barriers for rehousing a single lens. If you have a single lens that you want to be rehoused, contact us!

I have a lens whose coating is damaged. Can you recoat it?

Unfortunately, no. In that process lenses will lose their individual vintage-look, and that is not what we or the customer wants. In a case of damaged damaged lens, it is usually better to source a new lens.

Do you offer lens cases as well?

We generally don’t supply cases to customers for two reasons:

  1. When it comes to lens case quality and design, the taste tends to be subjective. We have been trying to pinpoint one case manufacturer to fit for all, but haven’t found one.
  2. The actual measurements of each lens can vary anything from 2-6mm depending on the model of the lens. This means that to get the exact measurement we need to complete the lens before sending the dimensions to case manufacturer and this would delay the delivery process somewhat.

I'd like to visit Whitepoint Optics faculty! Is this possible?

Of course! Our office and factory is located in Helsinki, Finland. Please get in touch, and we will organize a safe visit for you.


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