After TS-series of large format lenses we’re taking a step towards anamorphic cinematography by putting together two iconic lenses. Lomo square front anamorphic and Leica-R as the taking lens make a beautiful modern cinema tool named LOMOCRON anamorphic 2x.

The updated “mother” lens adds contrast, brings more resolution and makes the lens faster. The signature blue flares are even more striking with less haze.

The square front Lomos are widely available but in many cases have been forgotten in to a shelf since their poorish mechanical condition.

With all the flaws, mumps and imperfections the Lomocron is a special anamorphic lens with lots of character producing very pleasing cinematic images.



Leica lenses are considered some of the best lenses ever produced and have remained highly popular on top end cinematography and stills photography. The lens characteristics are subtle, they are fast, very sharp and uniform in quality.

Leica-R lenses have a large image circle, they are lightweight and reasonably prized.

The compact size make them ideal to use in companion with Lomo anamorphic optical block. Leica-R brings the very best out of the Lomo.


Our re-engineering process gives your vintage lenses a new life.

In case you already own a set of Lomo square fronts all you need is a set of Leica R´s (Summicron or Elmarit). Currently we are not able to offer sourcing the lenses but are always happy to give recommendations.
If your anamorphic front glass element on is faulty (scrathes etc.) please let us know and we´ll see if the glass can be replaced.

All the lens elements are removed from their original optical blocks and cleaned throughout. After cleaning they are assembled into a new optical construction. Iris is replaced with a new full round one with matte black coating for maximum contrast and superb bokeh. The outcome is a fully re-engineered product with modern cine mechanics.


• Optics throughout cleaned
• Cam Form Focus drive optimized for modern motors
• Matched focus/iris ring locations
• Robust aluminium construction
• 300 degree focus rotation
• Industry standard sized front diameter, 110mm (except 35mm 125mm)
• New matte black anti-reflective iris
• Stainless steel PL mount
• Easy to collimate by using shims

First focal lengths available 35, 50, 90mm (Elmarit 135 and 180mm on special order)

1st batch of Lomocron-lenses have sold out, but we are currently taking orders for 2nd batch.

2nd batch deliveries are expected to start in Q3 2022.

Please request a quote using the contact form below.


Pricing 6600€/lens excl. optics.


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