Just for Today (2019): WPO Lenses used in Israeli Series

Just for Today (2019) is an Israeli drama series. A half-way home for recently released prisoners is to be permanently closed. The former prisoners are in an junction with their lives. Are they able to integrate back into society or will their past lead them back into their previous lives? The series follows Anat, an […]

How It Ends (2018): WPO Lenses used in Netflix Apocalypse Road Movie

How It Ends (2018) is an apocalyptic action-drama film, distributed by Netflix, about a man who struggles to reach his pregnant wife, who is thousands of miles away. Will and Samantha are a young couple expecting their first child. They are temporarily apart, when odd things starts to happen. Some seismic events lead to almost […]

Raising Dion (2019): WPO Lenses used in Netflix Superhero Drama

Raising Dion is an American superhero drama series. It is based on the 2015 comic book and short film of the same name by Dennis Liu. Woman named Nicole loses her husband Mark, and is responsible of raising their son Dion alone. Dion starts to manifest several magical superhero-like abilities. Nicole tries to keep her […]

Netflix Series Diablero (Season 2) Uses WPO Lenses

Mexican Netflix series Diablero is based on the book El Diablo me oblig√≥ (“The Devil made me do it”) by writer F.G. Haghenbeck. It tells the story of Father Ramiro Ventura, an alcoholic priest who finds himself seeking the aid of legendary “diablero” or demon hunter Elvis Infante. Nancy Gama, a modern day superhero joins […]

Come Sunday (2018) Feature Film shot with WPO TS70 Lenses

Based on a segment of weekly radio show This American Life, Come Sunday (2018) tells the story of Bishop Carlton Pearson, a beloved evangelical minister who, in the late 1990s, radically changed the message he preached. He was a rising star among evangelicals until he was ostracized by his own church and declared a heretic […]