Rehousing slots for 2023

Due to the huge demand for full-frame vintage cine lenses we have witnessed during the past few years, we have decided to make a step towards slot-based production.

In slot-based production, we can take better control of the part supply by calculating the need for necessary parts in advance. Also, our subcontractors have the time needed for the production and sourcing of material.

In the past we have had difficulties in calculating the need for parts, as we have been
ordering parts by demand.

Whitepoint Optics is now taking the first steps in transitioning into a slot-based production system. We will do a gradual transition during 2023 and will also keep offloading the current order backlog during the transition phase.

By doing the transition gradually we will be able to maintain the workflow in our workshop, as well as to stay on top of our orders from subcontractors.

To ease in the passage to the slot-based production system we will start by introducing slots of 5 sets to our 2023 production calendar. The slots will be sold with a first in first out principle. Meaning the first customers to transfer the deposit, are also the first ones in production.

If you are interested in reserving a rehousing slot for 2023, reach out to our team to learn more.