Lomocron FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Lomocron

Which lenses can be used as base lenses for Lomocrons?

LOMO Square Front 35mm, 50mm & 75/80mm.

Leica R Summicron: 35mm V.2, 50mm V.2 ja 90mm (Non APO).

Under investigation are also Leica M Summicron 40mm & 75mm (these require testing and measuring at our end)

How can I find lomo anamorphic elements? Is it possible to buy them separately at low cost?

We recommend checking in eBay or other marketplaces. If optical elements are is separated, make sure that the cylinder lenses are paired correctly and belong together. 35mm requires its own 35mm front. From 50mm and upwards front is the same.

Which part of the square front is used for the lens? Would you need the whole element or just the front glass? Would also just the front element of the NAS Lomos work?

We need the entire front of all cylinder elements. We don’t need the taking lens.

I'd like to get at least some of the lenses as quickly as possible. Do you deliver the lens set in one batch, or can you deliver it in smaller batches?

We can either deliver the whole batch or in smaller batches. Just let us know what the priority is and we can send lenses out as soon as they are finished. No need to wait for the whole set.

Are the mechanics of the housing designed in a way that the lenses don't rotate and extend during focusing?

Yes, no part of the lens rotates other than the focus and iris ring. Neither does the length of the lens extend.

Are the SQ anamorphic base lenses 35mm, 50mm and 75mm Lomo anamorphic?


What are the Leica R focal lengths for the spherical base lens that we need to find so they can accommodate to the different focal lengths of the final Lomocron?

See above. Leica R 35 mm f2 Summicron R V.2 (faster, less coverage) or Leica R Elmarit f2.8 (slower, more coverage), Leica R Summicron 50mm f2 & NON APO 90mm.

When you change the blades of the iris, is the final bokeh different than the original one?

We use a matte-surfaced 14-leaf completely round iris, meaning the original irises are replaced but the anamorphic look is preserved.

Can you let me know more about what versions are most suitable to provide?

All LOMO Square Optical elements fits, and Leica┬┤s mentioned above.

Are you able to provide the lomocron as a stand alone purchase without first supplying the original lenses?

We are currently exploring this option. Lomo square Front anamorphics difficult to find, we are investigating the possibility of developing a replacement imitation glass from new optics. We will announce later if the Neo Lomocro project progresses.

Would I need to purchase all of the lomo glass, or do you provide those?

The customer buys all the glasses themselves, we supply the mechanics and assembly.

Which are the best places to purchase base lenses? Are there any trustworthy sellers for Leica R lenses other than Ebay?

We have no strong opinion on this. You might find trustworthy sellers around the world. We generally have good experience with Asian lens traders.

Can the Lomocrons be built with other base lenses other than Leica Rs or Lomo square fronts?

Unfortunately, no. This is a brand-new product, and the parts are only designed for the mentioned lenses.

Jump from 50mm to 90mm is quite big, can you do 80mm lux or 75mm summicron?

The Leica M Summicron 40mm and 75mm are also under investigation. (These require testing and measuring)

Do the Lomocrons have full frame coverage?

Yes, from 50mm upwards.